Treating Anxiety Attacks

How to start Treating Anxiety Attacks.

Anxiety attacks are sometimes referred to as panic attacks.  Though it has been argued a panic attack is technically, different than anxiety attacks, the difference is just that, technical. To the person suffering the anxiety or panic attack, however, there is no difference.

Anxiety attacks are spells of absolute to terror that seem to come right out of the blue. Those who experience anxiety attacks are constantly trying to fight them. This fighting actually helps to stimulate the attacks.  Fighting is a normal response when suddenly an unsuspecting person becomes besieged with the unwanted manifestations of an anxiety attack.

Treating Anxiety Attacks

Treating Anxiety Attacks – the basics

These attacks are marked by extreme fear and nervousness that overwhelm the sufferer. Aside from those sensations, the sufferer feels disconcerting physical symptoms.  These sensations are even more disconcerting than the original onset of fear.  The physical feelings anxiety attacks bring on are many and varied.  The usual sensations the sufferer of an anxiety attack will talk about experiencing are:

– Chest pains
– Shortness of breath
– Headache
– A dizzy feeling, which is really more of an unsteady or unreal feeling.
– Lump in the throat
– An urgent need to go to the bathroom,
– And, usually, whatever it is the sufferer of the attack fears the most

When experiencing these feelings, it is often the anxiety filled person will find himself in the emergency room believing he is having a heart attack or stroke.  Of course, anyone who’s feeling chest pains should get them checked out.  However, in the case of a person having an anxiety attack, the doctors will inform him, the chest pains do not clinically exists.

All of the physical manifestations have been brought on by a body that is pumping way too much adrenaline. When the sufferer attempts to fight the sensations, for his efforts he only starts pumping more adrenaline.

A person, who is under attack by anxiety, is not having any mental, or physical problem. His or her sweating, trembling hands, rapidly beating heart, lump in the throat, blurry, filmy vision and those other horrible feelings he or she is suffering from, are all ways the human body behaves when it is pumping adrenaline. This shows how important it is to find a method for treating anxiety attacks.

Usually, a person who is given to having anxiety attacks has been experiencing anxiety even during the periods when he is not having a full-fledged anxiety attack.  Treating anxiety attacks takes time. Because of this constant, lower grade anxiety, the nerves have become very sensitive to any sort of stimuli.

At that point, it doesn’t take any more than simply worrying about an anxiety attack to bring one on.  Even though these attacks are adrenaline driven and not really manifestations of heart trouble for instance, they still feel just as bad to sufferer.

Summary – Treating Anxiety Attacks

The first step in recovery is realizing that adrenaline is the enemy, and that though you may not be able to control your adrenaline all the time; you have no need to fear the sensations it brings.  Once a person gets over his or her fear of the anxiety attacks, the attacks will become rarer and rarer until eventually, they will come no more.

Treating Anxiety Attacks – Anxiety Therapy

A good anxiety therapy is often no more than a gaining of understanding about the ailment. Anxiety disorder is a very serious but very treatable illness. Millions of people suffer from anxiety disorders. This article discusses the very heart of anxiety therapy which will lead the sufferer to an understanding of anxiety disorder. This in itself, will many times bring the sufferer toward the cure.

For any one suffering from this terrible ailment, it is important for him to know that he or is not alone. Many people have suffered and recovered from anxiety disorders. Step one in the recover process is realizing the power to heal is inside and it is waiting to do its magic. The sufferer simply must learn how to let this power go to work.

Often anxiety disorders come about with alcohol or substance abuse. However, this doesn’t have to be so. This is evidenced by the fact that many children suffer from anxiety disorders. Old or young, whatever race, color or creed, anxiety disorders play no favorites. They can strike anyone.

In short, anxiety disorders steal a person’s life because he can no longer behave or act normally. The sufferer can no longer make plans, because his life has become centered around anxiety. An anxiety sufferer fears these terrible feelings he has been experiencing, but even more, he fears that the worst has not yet happened and must prepare for it. Whatever it may be.

For the person with the anxiety disorder, there is hope. Anxiety disorders can be cured. The difficult part is finding someone who really understands what an anxiety disorder is all about. A doctor may prescribe different medications, which will help the sufferer tolerate anxiety disorders, but the cure can only come from inside the sufferer. Anxiety disorders are like a storm that has to run its course and if let to do so it will go away.

The villain in this whole anxiety story is adrenaline. Adrenaline in the body of the sufferer of anxiety is running wild. The sufferer has become overly sensitive to any sort of stimuli and the first step to being cured is for the sufferer to realize this. He must realize that there’s nothing insurmountable and that every horrible manifestation of the whole illness is caused by too much adrenaline.

The cure takes a certain amount of time but it is available and it will happen. The sufferer has to take heart and realize that he has found the cure once he realizes that it’s time to stop fearing the havoc adrenaline has been ravaging in his or her body, and he will no longer let it seize control of his life.

I hope this helped you as you start Treating Anxiety Attacks.

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