Who is Charles Linden – Creator of The Linden Method?

What are the origins of the Linden Method?

How did the Linden MethodFrom the young age of 12, Charles Linden suffered from the debilitating effects of agoraphobia, anxiety and panic attacks. During his school years he only just managed to stay stable and on a level, however feelings of fear were a constant part of his every day existence.

Linden methodAs he got older the symptoms worsened. By the time he was twenty years old he was so agoraphobic he would only leave the house to try and find help for his condition. No one seemed to be able to help him.

In 1996 Charles decided he could not continue living his life like this. He started spending hours researching. He interviewed patients and people who had managed to recover from these disorders. Systematically he recorded the results and his work led to an ‘eureka’ moment. Suddenly he looked at panic and anxiety attacks in an entirely different way. This proved to be the turning point for him and the beginning of the Linden Method, an effective self help process.

The development of the Linden Method

Drawing on his own experience, he spent two years developing the Linden Method. Tested and refined it has been used successfully by more than 136,000 suffers in over 70 countries. People who have tried previously, without success, to find a cure anxiety, panic attacks and depression were able to deal with their symptoms and living normal lives. Free of the shackles created by their illnesses.

The Linden Method goes public.

Today this effective self help program is used around the world. It is better known in Europe and the UK than the US. The Linden Centre is located in Britain. Anyone who thinks that this method is a scam probably isn’t aware that the Linden Centre has been treating people with this method for years, helping people have used this to treat their panic attacks, anxiety, and phobia.

The online version is just a way for Charles Linden to reach more people worldwide, offering a self-help version of his method. It is claimed to have a 95% success rate. It isn’t some magical cure. You will need to learn what this method has to teach you and apply it on yourself. It’s a gradual process of improvement. Today Charles can be found travelling the world promoting the Linden Method.

Click here to visit the Linden Method Official Website.

“Be calm, structured, measured, successful & fulfilled… it’s all just a small step away” Charles Linden

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The Linden Method is aimed at suffers, carers and anyone that loves someone enough to reach out and help.

Click here to visit the Linden Method Official Website.

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