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Welcome to my Linden Method Review.

Thanks for checking out my blog. I created it to help anyone who is looking for a self help program to help them cure their or a loved one’s depression?

This website provides a comprehensive review of The Linden Method, which has been created by Charles Linden. It is a program that has helped people around the world to deal with their anxiety, depression and panic attack challenges. It also provides information about these conditions.

I hope you find this review helpful. I have tried to be very objective in order to help you make a decision about taking the first stop to help yourself cure your illness. Please feel free to leave comments on any article on this Linden Method Review.

It is important that I clarify that I will be giving you an unbiased and honest review of the program. What you are about to read are the essential details you need to know before you decide to grab a copy for the product yourself or encourage you know who could benefit from it. This self help program can help you deal with anxiety attacks.

This is a review site. Click here to visit the Linden Method Official Website.

What does the Linden Method offer you?

The core of the course is centered on the accepted fact that Anxiety, panic attacks, depression, phobias and OCD are NOT illnesses. They are not mental or physical illness. This means that you are able to control them and therefore get over them.

The basis of the techniques offered by this very practical course is an understanding of the brain and how it works. Different parts of the brain do different things. One part in particular is responsible for ANXIETY. This part of the brain tells the rest of our brain when to be afraid and triggers the “fight or flight” response.

In a healthy brain, this part of the brain, the ‘amygdala’ heightens senses and allows us to flee from danger, avoid an attack. Alternatively it gives us the energy to fend off a predator. But in an Anxiety suffer their amygdala is always “on”, leading to the brain providing fight or flight signals all the time This causes the anxiety, panic attacks and feeling of being on edge. This can cause serious long-term health problems because of the adrenaline that is constantly being pumped out of the brain.

The Linden Method re-trains your brain to behave like a normal healthy brain, stopping the problem. This is done through cognitive behavioural therapy. This actually changes your brain physically using techniques that change the way that you think, and it’s called neuroplasticity.

In the program Charles Linden guides you through the steps to change the way that you think, breaking your personal patterns of anxiety and re-set your brain to function in a controlled manner. The manual is easy to follow, comprehensive at over 200 pages and written in a fluid manner.

The course also teaches you lifestyle changes that will help ease your anxiety. This includes easy to understand and sensible ideas that include: posture change, the effect of electromagnetism, smoking and drinking, diet, non prescription medication, breathing, diversion and breathing techniques, stopping the anxiety cycle. The manual provides you with the instruction on how to change your day to day habits that can lead to your own anxiety.

During the process of recovery, the family and friends’ support are vital to the sufferer, without support and faith, no way the treatment will work!

Click here to visit the Linden Method Official Website.

So let’s continue with the Linden Method Review

Linden method review

I have reviewed the online offer as I do for all products. You can opt for the hard copy printed course if you wish.

The program is an established product and therefore proven and extensive. It comprises of:

Three ebooks – The Linden Method Introduction, The Linden Method Manual ( a comprehensive 200 pages) and a Day Diary.

An online Fast Track Introduction video and another about Reciprocation.
An online video describes Qi Kung – a proven method that helps you to de-stress.

Audio programs in the form of MP3s
Three visualization audios covering Deep relaxation, The nine Pillars, The panic eliminator

Others covering Relaxation including: The Beach, The mountain, the meadows, the seas, tranquillity, underwater.

Four covering key conditions including: GAD, OCD, Panic Attacks and Phobias and one covering Diversion.

Additional Free Bonuses
There are Charles Linden online videos. There are five ‘how to videos’ on how to conquer Anxiety and Panic Attacks, Generalized Anxiety disorder, Panic disorder and panic attacks, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, agoraphobia and Social Phobia

A Free ebook – ‘Stress Free in 30 Days’ and an audio program ‘Journey out of Agoraphobia’

Online support from professionals
In addition you receive unlimited on line support and access to trained psychologists

The Linden Method has a 60 Day unconditional money-back guarantee!

Linden Method for Young People
As well as the hard copy version there is also The Linden Method Junior Version for sufferers aged 7 to 15.

This is a review blog. – Click here to visit the Linden Method Official Website.

What I didn’t like about the Linden Method

  • The course is comprehensive and requires you to spend quite a few hours on your own to read, listen and think. If you have a young family this could be difficult
  • The course requires Visualisation. Some find this easy to follow, others find it hard.
  • The content of the videos is excellent but the delivery could be improved with larger on screen quality. The Qi-Kung could also be refreshed.
  • If you have a home printer the comprehensive manual is 200+ sheets

What I liked about the Linden Method

  • You quickly like Charles and respect his expertise. He is an ex Anxiety suffer who shares his past with the reader.
  • The root cause of anxiety disorders is addressed and delivered in a clear and easy to understand way
  • The product with its ongoing support, guarantee and comprehensive documents is extremely professional
  • It is soothing and gentle with nothing frightening, but at the same time extremely effective.
  • The manual is excellent. I especially like the Tip Icons indicating beneficial advice under the headings of: something you should find useful, ideas you should think about deeply and exercises you should try.
  • The visualisation material is in MP3 format allowing you to download and play on your ipod, or in your car. This makes the course ‘transportable’.
  • The abundance of testimonials. The method is tested and approved by doctors and psychologists. My Linden Method Review likes this especially.

The Linden Method Review – overall, what do I think?

My Linden Method Review After reviewing other products in this market I believe the Linden Method is the best and most professional product of its type on the market. It is a method adopted around the world and used by hundreds of thousands of people.

The product is packed with guidance and information that helps you understand and tackle a number of symptoms. My understanding has been greatly enhanced and I would recommend this product it suffers. I believe it provides real value to suffers and those who care for them. The shear extent of positive endorsements found all over the internet backs the Linden Method. It worked for my father, hence my interest and this review.

I hope this Linden Method Review has helped you. I wish you good health and happiness.

Click here find out more about the Linden Method.

I hope the information I am sharing proves to be of value to you. I wish you every success with curing your illness.

Thanks for visiting my Linden Method Review Blog.

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Living with Depression

Living with depression

Depression is a harmful ailment. It can make simple, day to day life seem impossible. For many suffers it can take a huge amount of strength and motivation to manage basic tasks like getting out of bed and leaving the house. Things we take for granted like speaking to friends or reading a book can become exhausting, and some people start to feel anxious or ashamed about not being able to do the things they used to, especially if it means taking time away from work or college.

Living with depressionThe real risk of isolation

It can be very hard to explain our thoughts and feelings to others. When depression takes hold some people find themselves overwhelmed by emotions, while others feel cut off from them. This can make sometimes relationships difficult, and many people feel they have to hide what’s happening. The more overwhelming our symptoms, the more isolated and lonely we can become. If left untreated, depression can have a devastating impact on our relationships, our work, our finances and our overall health, so it’s vital to help as early as possible.

Living with depression is something you can overcome.

How to managing depression

Most depression sufferers will get better with the right treatment and support. For some it takes months, for others it’s years, and you might find that your symptoms go up and down, particularly during periods of stress or change. For many people, recovery is about being able to manage depression in the long term, so you’re more likely to be able to prevent your symptoms from reoccurring in future or can stop them becoming unmanageable if they do. In the depths of depression recovery can seem unimaginable, which is why encouraging someone to get help isn’t always straightforward.

The good news is that things usually get better, and with the right support most people will go on to lead a healthy and active life.

Living with depression is difficult but it can be overcome.

There are plenty of self help schemes, like the Linden Method that can help you and are worth exploring. Please read the articles on this blog and most importantly share your concerns with your family and friends, they can help help you live with depression and once again enjoy your life to the full.

The Linden Method is aimed at suffers, carers and anyone that loves someone enough to reach out and help.

Click here to visit the Linden Method Official Website.

Thanks for visiting the Linden Method Review Blog

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Key features of the Linden Method

For those suffering from depression, anxiety or panic attacks the Linden Method can help them regain control of their lives.

It was created by Charles Linden but is he a qualified author?

Linden Method

Linden Method

The Linden Method was developed by Charles Linden.

He is from the UK, degree educated, in his forties married with two children. He has two children and used to work in television as a produce/director/cameraman prior to developing his anxiety disorder developing. He is degree educated.

Charles developed The Linden Method to cure his own anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, phobias, depersonalisation and de-realisation. He suffered severe agoraphobia and insomnia. As a child he suffered with anxiety but the acute disorder didn’t start until he was aged 23 years.

In an attempt to find a cure Charles had therapy from psychiatrists, psychologists, immunologists, general practitioners and alternative therapists. At one time or another he was prescribed a range of drugs gs including Prozac, Seroxat, Diazepam (Valium), Stelazine and a raft of alternative medications.

He was able to cure his own disorder in less than a month.

key features of the linden methodCharles is widely regarded as the one of the most experienced anxiety disorder experts in the world. He regularly contributes to newspapers, TV production, radio and magazines. He wrote a #1 ranked best seller called ”Stress Free in 30 Days”.

Charles is a natural communicator and you can relate to. You get the feeling that he understands what sufferers are going through so he really understands how to overcome anxiety and how to treat depression.

During his own treatments, he experienced “horrible withdrawal problems, rebound anxiety and extreme panic attacks” when he became dependent on Valium. One of many medications used to treat the condition.

At that time, he was having 8-10 panic attacks every day. His condition deteriorated to the point he became agoraphobic and unable to leave his own home. And he wasn’t alone in his condition.

Here is Charles describing his background and discoveries.

What have I learned from The Linden Method?

1.     The Linden Method is the cure – born of a full understanding of what it is that CAUSES high anxiety, panic, OCD, agoraphobia and all the associated symptoms and thoughts. The technique works for EVERY sufferer because it reverses the process that caused the high anxiety in the first place.

2.     The Linden Method is a scientifically proven technique that reverses the formation of your high anxiety levels, returning them to your ‘birth pre-set’ anxiety level.

3.     It is the only anxiety elimination programme to be endorsed by research psychologists and medics.

4.     It can transform the lives of suffers in hours because the simple technique produces immediate results – it cannot fail because it is the process every recovered sufferer has followed – there is no other cure.

5.     The Linden Method communicates ‘safety’ to your anxiety control centre with immediate affect.

6.     This method is used by Health Care professionals around the world; because they recognize that it is the solution to anxiety conditions.

7.     The program includes unlimited, direct support with qualified staff so that you will be able to feel reassured and supported at all times during your recovery.

8.     It’s startling to learn that around 40 Million people in the US currently suffer from anxiety disorders, including panic attacks and phobias. There are many more worldwide.

9.     The program has been devised to help you understand the principles in minutes, implement them immediately and experience results within the first 24 hours without any real effort. Children age 7 do the Method, as do people in their 80’s

10.  It is a simple process and set of principles that you can follow.

The Linden Method is aimed at suffers, carers and anyone that loves someone enough to reach out and help.

Click here to visit the Linden Method Official Website.

Thanks for visiting the Linden Method Review Blog. Please share you comments with us.

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Dealing with Anxiety and Behavioral Symptoms

What is the first step in dealing with Anxiety?

When dealing with anxiety it is important to understand it. Sufferers of anxiety and panic attacks often suffer in silence and often alone.

Anxiety and Behavioral Symptoms
Anxiety is normally thought to be a condition of the nervous system. Naturally, those who do not understand anxiety wouldn’t think that there would be any physical symptoms to anxiety other than just nervousness.

However, with an anxiety disorder, many different anxiety symptoms are brought forth.

The symptoms of anxiety range from minor discomforts too intense feelings that may even make the anxiety sufferer feel he is dying. Anxiety symptoms may include shortness of breath, pains in the chest, pains in the head, numbness in the face or head and hyperventilation. He may also feel hot flashes or a sort of dizzy or unsteady feeling, and his vision may even be affected. There are a myriad of other disconcerting feelings that may make sufferer of anxiety feel most uncomfortable. It seems, whatever he fears most will plague him. Dealing with anxiety is no fun.

Anxiety symptoms make a person suffering anxiety want to run away from these feelings, and it is, in part, this running away that helps to make these symptoms of anxiety intensify. To the anxious person these feelings are unwarranted and he only wishes he could feel like he once did. Not realizing that he is involved in the process of intensifying the sensations by fearing them only makes him more bewildered.

Many times anxiety symptoms are in the background of a person’s life, day and night beating on and keeping him miserable. Other times, the sufferer of anxiety will feel normal for hours, days, perhaps even weeks, but then out of the blue anxiety along with its intense miserable symptoms occur. Dealing with anxiety is very personal.

Dealing with anxiety

What can be used to deal with anxiety?

This website provides details of a self help program that can help deal with anxiety and other mental conditions.  The Linden Method is a proven system used by tens of thousands of people around the world who have cured them selves of the symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks.

There are no set rules for the way anxiety symptoms will behave. For some people, something which is happening in their lives has made them nervous and when this cause of nervousness ends the anxiety to will end, as well. However for other people, there’s no apparent cause of the anxiety, but the symptoms are ever present and so intense they have become the center of their lives.

The sufferer of anxiety often seeks medical help, and it may indeed be helpful that the sufferer learns he is not having a stroke, he is not having a heart attack and indeed, he is actually, in good health. Still, the symptoms continue on. The anxiety sufferer does not understand that by trying so hard to defeat these symptoms, he is only driving more adrenaline through his system and therefore making them worse.

Part of the cure of anxiety lies in realizing that anxiety symptoms are actually fake physical symptoms that are brought on by adrenaline and are not really dangerous. However, the harm anxiety causes is that these fake physical symptoms of anxiety are now controlling a person’s life.

I hope it helps those of you dealing with anxiety.

The Linden Method is aimed at suffers, carers and anyone that loves someone enough to reach out and help.

Click here to visit the Linden Method Official Website.

Thanks for visiting the Linden Method Review Blog

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Treating Anxiety Attacks

How to start Treating Anxiety Attacks.

Anxiety attacks are sometimes referred to as panic attacks.  Though it has been argued a panic attack is technically, different than anxiety attacks, the difference is just that, technical. To the person suffering the anxiety or panic attack, however, there is no difference.

Anxiety attacks are spells of absolute to terror that seem to come right out of the blue. Those who experience anxiety attacks are constantly trying to fight them. This fighting actually helps to stimulate the attacks.  Fighting is a normal response when suddenly an unsuspecting person becomes besieged with the unwanted manifestations of an anxiety attack.

Treating Anxiety Attacks

Treating Anxiety Attacks – the basics

These attacks are marked by extreme fear and nervousness that overwhelm the sufferer. Aside from those sensations, the sufferer feels disconcerting physical symptoms.  These sensations are even more disconcerting than the original onset of fear.  The physical feelings anxiety attacks bring on are many and varied.  The usual sensations the sufferer of an anxiety attack will talk about experiencing are:

– Chest pains
– Shortness of breath
– Headache
– A dizzy feeling, which is really more of an unsteady or unreal feeling.
– Lump in the throat
– An urgent need to go to the bathroom,
– And, usually, whatever it is the sufferer of the attack fears the most

When experiencing these feelings, it is often the anxiety filled person will find himself in the emergency room believing he is having a heart attack or stroke.  Of course, anyone who’s feeling chest pains should get them checked out.  However, in the case of a person having an anxiety attack, the doctors will inform him, the chest pains do not clinically exists.

All of the physical manifestations have been brought on by a body that is pumping way too much adrenaline. When the sufferer attempts to fight the sensations, for his efforts he only starts pumping more adrenaline.

A person, who is under attack by anxiety, is not having any mental, or physical problem. His or her sweating, trembling hands, rapidly beating heart, lump in the throat, blurry, filmy vision and those other horrible feelings he or she is suffering from, are all ways the human body behaves when it is pumping adrenaline. This shows how important it is to find a method for treating anxiety attacks.

Usually, a person who is given to having anxiety attacks has been experiencing anxiety even during the periods when he is not having a full-fledged anxiety attack.  Treating anxiety attacks takes time. Because of this constant, lower grade anxiety, the nerves have become very sensitive to any sort of stimuli.

At that point, it doesn’t take any more than simply worrying about an anxiety attack to bring one on.  Even though these attacks are adrenaline driven and not really manifestations of heart trouble for instance, they still feel just as bad to sufferer.

Summary – Treating Anxiety Attacks

The first step in recovery is realizing that adrenaline is the enemy, and that though you may not be able to control your adrenaline all the time; you have no need to fear the sensations it brings.  Once a person gets over his or her fear of the anxiety attacks, the attacks will become rarer and rarer until eventually, they will come no more.

Treating Anxiety Attacks – Anxiety Therapy

A good anxiety therapy is often no more than a gaining of understanding about the ailment. Anxiety disorder is a very serious but very treatable illness. Millions of people suffer from anxiety disorders. This article discusses the very heart of anxiety therapy which will lead the sufferer to an understanding of anxiety disorder. This in itself, will many times bring the sufferer toward the cure.

For any one suffering from this terrible ailment, it is important for him to know that he or is not alone. Many people have suffered and recovered from anxiety disorders. Step one in the recover process is realizing the power to heal is inside and it is waiting to do its magic. The sufferer simply must learn how to let this power go to work.

Often anxiety disorders come about with alcohol or substance abuse. However, this doesn’t have to be so. This is evidenced by the fact that many children suffer from anxiety disorders. Old or young, whatever race, color or creed, anxiety disorders play no favorites. They can strike anyone.

In short, anxiety disorders steal a person’s life because he can no longer behave or act normally. The sufferer can no longer make plans, because his life has become centered around anxiety. An anxiety sufferer fears these terrible feelings he has been experiencing, but even more, he fears that the worst has not yet happened and must prepare for it. Whatever it may be.

For the person with the anxiety disorder, there is hope. Anxiety disorders can be cured. The difficult part is finding someone who really understands what an anxiety disorder is all about. A doctor may prescribe different medications, which will help the sufferer tolerate anxiety disorders, but the cure can only come from inside the sufferer. Anxiety disorders are like a storm that has to run its course and if let to do so it will go away.

The villain in this whole anxiety story is adrenaline. Adrenaline in the body of the sufferer of anxiety is running wild. The sufferer has become overly sensitive to any sort of stimuli and the first step to being cured is for the sufferer to realize this. He must realize that there’s nothing insurmountable and that every horrible manifestation of the whole illness is caused by too much adrenaline.

The cure takes a certain amount of time but it is available and it will happen. The sufferer has to take heart and realize that he has found the cure once he realizes that it’s time to stop fearing the havoc adrenaline has been ravaging in his or her body, and he will no longer let it seize control of his life.

I hope this helped you as you start Treating Anxiety Attacks.

Thanks for visiting the Linden Method Review Blog.

The Linden Method helps with treating anxiety attacks as well as other mental health challenges. It helps suffers, carers and anyone that loves someone enough to reach out and help.

Click here to visit the Linden Method Official Website.


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Who is Charles Linden – Creator of The Linden Method?

What are the origins of the Linden Method?

How did the Linden MethodFrom the young age of 12, Charles Linden suffered from the debilitating effects of agoraphobia, anxiety and panic attacks. During his school years he only just managed to stay stable and on a level, however feelings of fear were a constant part of his every day existence.

Linden methodAs he got older the symptoms worsened. By the time he was twenty years old he was so agoraphobic he would only leave the house to try and find help for his condition. No one seemed to be able to help him.

In 1996 Charles decided he could not continue living his life like this. He started spending hours researching. He interviewed patients and people who had managed to recover from these disorders. Systematically he recorded the results and his work led to an ‘eureka’ moment. Suddenly he looked at panic and anxiety attacks in an entirely different way. This proved to be the turning point for him and the beginning of the Linden Method, an effective self help process.

The development of the Linden Method

Drawing on his own experience, he spent two years developing the Linden Method. Tested and refined it has been used successfully by more than 136,000 suffers in over 70 countries. People who have tried previously, without success, to find a cure anxiety, panic attacks and depression were able to deal with their symptoms and living normal lives. Free of the shackles created by their illnesses.

The Linden Method goes public.

Today this effective self help program is used around the world. It is better known in Europe and the UK than the US. The Linden Centre is located in Britain. Anyone who thinks that this method is a scam probably isn’t aware that the Linden Centre has been treating people with this method for years, helping people have used this to treat their panic attacks, anxiety, and phobia.

The online version is just a way for Charles Linden to reach more people worldwide, offering a self-help version of his method. It is claimed to have a 95% success rate. It isn’t some magical cure. You will need to learn what this method has to teach you and apply it on yourself. It’s a gradual process of improvement. Today Charles can be found travelling the world promoting the Linden Method.

Click here to visit the Linden Method Official Website.

“Be calm, structured, measured, successful & fulfilled… it’s all just a small step away” Charles Linden

Please read more in this Review blog and please feel free to leave your comments.

The Linden Method is aimed at suffers, carers and anyone that loves someone enough to reach out and help.

Click here to visit the Linden Method Official Website.

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